5 common website mistakes

A firm’s website is a key component in it’s online marketing strategy – it has the potential to attract and reach potential clients but can easily get lost amongst the crowd.

Simply having a website is not enough; firms need to optimise their website for optimal user experience. Here are five common website mistakes:

Poor SEO
Duplicated content, keyword stuffing, poor internal linking, duplicated or missing meta descriptions are just a few poor SEO practices that can destroy your Google rankings. Ensure your website is up to date with the latest developments by following Google’s webmaster guidelines.

It’s not mobile optimised
A mobile-friendly website is essential in this digital landscape. Having a website optimised for mobile is not only user-friendly but can also improve a site’s search engine rankings. Consider using a mobile responsive web design which responds to the type of screen used i.e. mobile phone, tablet, laptop etc.

Slow load speed
Long website load times lead to less website visitors and lower search engine rankings. Fast websites are shown to have higher sales rates and can provide a competitive advantage over slower competitors.

Local listing pages are not optimised
Creating a local business listing boosts your online presence and can increase your chances of showing up at the top of search results. Some websites and directories that businesses can create local listings include Google+Local, Yelp, Bing Places etc. Ideally, firms should use multiple local listing directories as it provides a huge opportunity to increase visibility and enhance your SEO.

Too much jargon
Website visitors and potential clients seek content that is not only relevant but easy to understand. Using too much industry jargon or technical language can deter visitors from using your site, so stick to using Plain English and focus on the benefits of your firm’s’ services.

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