Attention grabbing email tips

Incorporating images and links into emails is an easy way firms can increase and maintain client engagement in their email marketing campaigns.

Using images in an email is a simple way to grab a reader’s attention, while also making an email’s design look stylish and consistent. But firms should be careful not waste an email space with useless, generic images. While inserting images does break up email content (making it easier to read), firms who use general images are ultimately directing their readers eyes to something that does not help sell products or convert prospects.

Call-to-action links are another great way to engage clients. However, firms must remain critical when choosing which links to incorporate into their emails. Links essentially take clients away from an email’s message to another page or site. Once clients have clicked on the link, it is highly unlikely that they will return to the email to read more.

Therefore, firms must ensure that these links have a purpose, and direct clients somewhere else for a good reason. For example, instead of directing clients to a firm’s website, a better link would direct clients to a custom designed landing page that speaks specifically to the targeted email audience.

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