Boost email success through personalisation

Sending out impersonal, irrelevant email newsletters or messages is a surefire way to encourage your firm’s clients and online subscribers to tune out.

Luckily for firms there is an easy fix. Making simple changes and adding in a few extras to personalise your email campaigns adds a touch of humanity and makes emails feel less generic.

Even though firms have an abundance of client data at their fingertips they won’t always make the most of the opportunity it provides.

Personalising an email isn’t hard; it can be as simple as adding in the recipient’s name to the subject line or body of your message. Or, it might involve customising an entire message based on a client or email subscriber’s location, interests, or service history with your firm.

Here are three ready-to-implement ways firms can use to personalise their emails to boost their email marketing success:

Ask the right questions

A straightforward, effective way to segment a firm’s email audience for personalisation is to simply ask subscribers the right questions.

Asking clients why they visited your website, employed your services or subscribed to your email list is remarkably easy, and quite invaluable. It provides firms with insightful data that can lead to your firm sending incredibly targeted emails.

Use location and time

Certain times of the day can be better than others when it comes to sending emails. Some clients might like receiving an email first thing in the morning, or they might respond better to one they receive at night.

It is likely that not all of a firm’s clients are in the one location or will respond to emails at the same time. But using client data can help firms analyse subscribers’ past open histories and send emails at the most optimum time to be opened for particular subscribers.

Personalise your firm

Personalisation doesn’t have to be limited to using client data; firms can also personalise their brand. Personalization can soften the edges of a firm while also adding a level of human connection between a firm and its client.

Accountants can make their firm emails more personal by testing email aspects such as conversational tones, pronouns like “I” and “we”, and generally making emails seem like they are from an actual human.

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