Building the perfect LinkedIn profile

Having an optimised LinkedIn profile is key to gaining maximum online visibility and revenue through the professional social network.

LinkedIn currently has 97 million monthly active users around the world, so to stand out, firms need to start paying some attention to creating a decent profile. Those with a complete profile are 40 times more likely to be found by others online.

So how can accountants create a ‘complete’ profile? Here are some basic tips to help make your profile as visible as possible:

Your LinkedIn headline is one of the most important aspects of your profile. Accountants should be succinct, creative and include key terms that make it easy for users to define your role in your industry.

Include your first, last and middle name. LinkedIn is not the place for nicknames or funny references to job titles, like ‘accountant extraordinaire’.

Customise your LinkedIn profile’s URL to make it easier for people to find you. You can find the URL in the light-grey box underneath your name.

Profile photo
First impressions matter, especially when people see your profile picture. When choosing the appropriate headshot, make sure you consider your industry, as well as potential clients and peers who will view the photo. It might be a good idea for an accountant to hire a professional photographer to take the photo.

Your background
The background section of your LinkedIn profile only has room for 2000 characters. Therefore, accountants should be careful to write a succinct description of themselves, including their present and future ambitions for their firm. Add other points of contact if you have them, like your mobile number, Twitter page or email address.

Complement your career information and experience by including in-article quotes, images or other content that you have created that is related to your professional life. The better you can intrigue viewers, the longer they will view your profile, which can better your chances of making a new business connection online.

Add in any projects you have led or executed to demonstrate your skill set and reinforce the assertions made in your description. Adding links to your current projects can support your credibility.

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