Common keyword mistakes to avoid

Keyword research is an important activity in regards to search engine optimisation (SEO) marketing, as ranking for the appropriate and best keywords can make or break a website.

However, there are quite a few common mistakes online businesses make when engaging in keyword research.

Avoiding the below mistakes can help save time, re-think an online marketing strategy and drive the right clients to your firm’s website.

  • Choosing irrelevant keywords

Quite often, people make the mistake of picking keywords with high search volumes in their industry, instead of paying attention to the relevancy of keywords to their target audience. For example, targeting wealthy individuals who are searching for a good accountant in Sydney by using keywords like ‘low-cost accounting services Sydney’ or ‘affordable Sydney accounting firm’.

These people aren’t searching for those keywords. Instead, accountants should optimise for keywords like ‘best accountant Sydney’ or ‘quality accounting services Sydney’. Every client has different needs and concerns and therefore use different words when they search. Each online searcher is looking for something, and a firm’s website needs to provide the answer.

  • Focusing on too keywords that are specific

Accountants with a larger website and therefore lots of possible keywords combinations may be tempted to optimise every little combination in an attempt to cover them all. However, most lengthy combinations have low search volumes. Targeting too many keywords can also detract from the most important keywords. Accountants should focus on the keywords that have good search volumes instead of generic keywords, or keywords that are too specific. Keyword quality is far more important than keyword quantity.

  • Using the wrong keywords on the wrong pages

Once an accountant has chosen his or her keywords, they need to figure out where to place them on their firm’s website. A common mistake is to add irrelevant keywords to pages with content that doesn’t match the keywords or the search intent. It is not a simple case of putting keywords on a page; it involves matching each keyword with search intent and each website page’s copy.

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