Creating a marketing culture

In professional service industries, it is all too common for firms to neglect their marketing needs. When you have a reliable client base and are comfortable in your role, marketing can seem like an unnecessary undertaking.

Unfortunately, in today’s increasingly globalised and online business environment, financial services providers are faced with stiffer competition. Clients are no longer limited to choosing an accountant or financial planner in their local area. With the advance of online file sharing it is easy to shop around for a better price, a faster service or a more appealing firm. Therefore, marketing is more important than ever. Not just to see growth, but also to survive.

If you want to make marketing a priority in your firm, you need to instil a marketing culture amongst your staff. A marketing culture will mean that every team member is dedicated to marketing your firm and that ideas are constantly being exchanged. Here are the essential elements that you need to cultivate a marketing culture within your firm.

Unified objectives: Your team needs to be clear and united on what your marketing objectives are. There needs to be clarity in the communication of ideas, and consensus on the direction that your strategies should take you.

Translate objectives into a workable plan: Once you have clarified your marketing objects, you will need to map out a workable plan to make them a reality. Your marketing plan should include a clear timeline for progress, complete with milestones for completion.

Participative realisation: The more that you include your team in the realisation of your marketing strategy, the better it is for your marketing culture. If people are participating in marketing activities they will develop a sense of ownership, and also have a better understanding of the benefits.

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