Developing your firm’s identity

As firms continue to develop their marketing abilities, the need for a unique identity becomes more crucial. Unfortunately, too many firms ignore this fact and fall into the trap of thinking that giving the best possible service will naturally grow the firm’s client base.

Firms need to focus time and energy on their identity for several reasons. Clients take it for granted that services will be quality-driven, on time, and completed in a professional manner. And every firm competing for business offers higher quality, quicker services and lower fees. If a firm maintains that providing quality work at competitive rates will create a positive identity, the firm will only succeed in turning its identity into a commodity. This image is insufficient because someone will always come along and offer better and lower cost services than the firm can.

If firms cultivate a brand identity and create added value, clients will pay more because they will be receiving specialised services. They will take pride in using firm services and recommend the firm to friends and business associates. Firms who want to develop their image but are unsure where to begin should start with the following:

  • Identify your top-tier clients. These are typically the ones who provide the most income for your firm. These clients should be regarded as representing your future and used as models when prospecting for new clients.
  • Research the industries of those clients; understand their challenges, regardless of whether those challenges involve your services or not. Look at the future through their eyes. Align your resources to the challenges facing those clients. Use your firm’s professional experience, along with the knowledge that you have gained from your research, to get your feet under their table.
  • Use your brand identity to become a centre of influence capable of giving valuable advice to your current and prospective clients. Employ your brand identity and knowledge in all of your marketing activities.

There are many useful tools that can help firms in their marketing endeavours, such as newsletters, email marketing and online channels. It is important to remember that however much you employ these valuable marketing tools to grow your firm, your efforts could be wasted if you have no identity that distinguishes you from your competitors.

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