Don’t depersonalise your client meetings

The interactions between clients and industry professionals have expanded over time to include emailing, phone calls and even instant messaging. But while these channels are efficient and easy to use, it’s important for firms not to overlook the advantages of scheduling regular face-to-face meetings with their clients.

Considered by some as the most crucial element of any successful client relationship, face-to-face meetings have unfortunately become something of a rarity in the industry today. This means that many firms are missing out on the benefits necessary to building and maintaining strong relationships with their clients.

Below are several key benefits of face-to-face meetings:

Knowing your client on a personal level

Whether or not you connect with your clients on a personal level could mean the difference between a long-term relationship and a one-time project. Although you may be in regular contact with your client every day digitally, this does not give you a proper understanding of who they are as a person. In an age ruled by digital enhancements, many people crave the simplicity of talking to and being understood by another human being.

Spending time with your client

When you spend time with someone, you develop an understanding of who they are, what they want and how they operate. Setting aside time for a face-to-face meeting with your client can help build trust and a mutual understanding between the two of you.

Avoiding misinterpretation

When communicating digitally, it can be very difficult to determine if someone is being humorous, informal or even sarcastic. This is where face-to-face meetings take the guesswork out of your client’s responses. When conversing with someone face-to-face, you’re able to observe their reactions through body language and verbal cues. These body signals can be great insights into whether or not an idea or proposal is received positively or negatively by your client (something which would be virtually impossible to pick up on via digital communication).

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