Eight essentials for your next email campaign

Every email marketing campaign a firm sends to clients is an opportunity to communicate with clarity to readers.

The onus, therefore, is on firms to ensure that the correct tone and intent of the email’s message comes across to readers in the right way.

Here is an 8-point email marketing checklist firms can use to cover their bases and improve their chances of success before hitting send:

Check the ‘from’ name
Ensure your firm’s name is in the ‘from’ label so recipients can quickly identify who the email is from.

Review the subject line
Subject lines with six-ten words usually get the highest open rates. With more people opening emails on their mobile devices, which have smaller screens, concise subject lines are becoming more and more important.

Review the colour scheme
If firm’s want their emails to look professional and well put together, it is best to keep the colour scheme to two or three colours, as too many colours can be distracting. Consider using the colours in your firm’s logo in an email for a consistent look and feel.

Review the font choice
Make sure your email’s text is readable by using clear and legible text. Consider using basic fonts like Times New Roman and Arial

Test your links
Firms should never send an email with broken links. Before sending the email to clients, send yourself a test email and click on its links to ensure they are all working properly.

Check your email for urgency
To motivate readers to act, firms should use urgent language in their emails. If your email includes a deal offer, set a deadline so recipients will know to act quickly. Consider using time sensitive language like “Act now” and “Last chance.”

Make sure you proofread the email for any mistakes. Have a go at reading the email from top to bottom, then from bottom to top. Reading the sentences out of order means you’re more likely to catch mistakes.

Review images
Emails should always contain a few images to help break up the text. Firms should ensure their images are relevant in the right format.

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