Finding the right time to send email newsletters

Timing is a crucial aspect of email marketing campaigns.

Firms that send out an email newsletter at a time when clients are unlikely to see it, risk having low open rates and poor firm metrics. But if they send out the same email newsletter at a time when clients are more likely to read it, the results can be exceedingly different.

Unfortunately, there is no one ‘best time’ to send out email newsletters. But there are certain days of the week and times that have been recommended by marketing professionals that should produce some decent first-time results for firms.

The general consensus is that firms should avoid sending out email newsletters on Mondays. Mondays are the start of the working week which means client inboxes are likely to have been flooded with emails over the weekend. Sending an email on a Monday is risky, as your email may get lost in amongst all the others.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the favorite days to send out email campaigns. This standard mid-week time makes sense as the majority of desktop users open their emails at work. Sending emails between 1-3pm or even 9-11am also can produce decent results.

Weekends are usually when people are out of the office, so emails sent at this time tend to have low open rates.

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