Finding your firm’s online target audience

Successful online marketing begins with knowing how to find your target audience.

Determining an accounting firm’s online target audience, the type of information they value and knowing where they spend most of their time can help accountants focus their firm’s marketing initiatives more effectively.

Defining a firm’s target audience will also help accountants create not only good content, but the right content.

Here are four tactics accountants can use that will help find their target audience:

Create reader personas

Creating reader personas can help identify the motivations and curiosities of readers, and therefore establish what they want to read online. A good reader persona covers the basic details of who, what, when, where and why. However, specific details are still necessary. Where possible, include characteristics like gender; personality; family life; job title and function; income and needs.

Conduct user surveys

User surveys are a great tool to help maintain an understanding of what clients are thinking and what they want. Accountants can translate survey feedback into a deeper understanding of their target audience. To make a user survey as useful as possible, accountants should include specific that are short and easy to answer.

Monitor your firm’s social accounts

Knowing which social networks your firm’s readers, clients and followers share content the most can reveal what they like and want to hear about. Finding this kind of information can be as simple as monitoring a firm’s social accounts and making notes of who is interacting with the content.

Talk to your firm’s social followers

Firms can learn a lot by being an active member on social media. Make the effort to respond to comments and messages your firm receives for every interaction with an audience member is an opportunity to learn more about them. Find relevant Facebook and LinkedIn groups to participate in and occasionally create posts asking what your audience is interested in.

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