Firms and social media

Firms who aren’t on social media are missing out on some of the most significant opportunities this digital era has to offer. Social media has the power to improve a firm’s brand, communication and understanding of client needs and expectations.

Just like firms were considered to be uncommitted to change or lagging behind the times if they didn’t have a website several years ago, the same is now assumed of firms who aren’t using social media.

Building a greater awareness of, or improving the visibility of a firm can be particularly challenging for small to medium companies. However, social media platforms can assist in leveling out the playing field. Social media gives firms the opportunity to showcase their firm, services and products for free, which generates online exposure and increases brand awareness. This kind of exposure can help firms to develop positive brand association and encourage more traffic to the firm’s website.

Social media platforms also open up opportunities for firms to listen in and communicate with people. Firms can follow and monitor what current clients, prospective clients, and even competitors are saying about their firm, as well as stay up to date with any hot industry topics or discussions that are trending on social media. Firms are then able to learn more about clients, uncover new business leads and expand their industry reach.

Staying active on social media sites shows clients that firms are remaining in touch and staying up to date with the changing marketing and communications landscape. Firms who make this conscious effort to connect with current and prospective clients online through the sharing of relevant and informative information and sources have a greater potential to foster stronger relationships based on trust.

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