Five reasons why your firm’s SEO efforts aren’t working

Even though search engine optimisation (SEO) is a viable online marketing strategy, many firms continue to fail when it comes to their SEO campaigns. This is usually due to expectations that are too high, budgets that are too low and misunderstood client expectations.

But firms can get their SEO campaigns back on track by simply being aware of where or why things are going wrong. Here are five reasons why your firm’s SEO campaign isn’t producing the results you want:

  • Not setting realistic goals

Setting unrealistic goals for your firm’s SEO campaign, such as planning to dominate on Google for every service your firm offers will most always result in failure. Firms need to set realistic objectives for their campaigns that are more likely to bring success.

  • Not setting a realistic timeframe or budget

Most firms fail to set realistic timeframes or create realistic budgets for their SEO campaigns. Most want immediate results, while at the same time, are only willing to make a minimal investment.

Going into an SEO campaign with a short timeframe and unwillingness to make any necessary investments will most likely fail since you are not giving your firm the necessary time needed to test and make adjustments for a successful long-term campaign.

  • Not using the right keywords

Surprisingly, optimising for the wrong keywords can be quite common, and is often the cause of a firm’s SEO campaign failure. Selecting keywords based on what your firm thinks clients are searching for, instead of basing your keyword off real data, means it is very likely that your firm is not optimising for the right keywords.

  • Not having a professional website

Successful SEO campaigns start with a professional website that engages visitors upon arrival. Visitor engagement is crucial to SEO success because engagement ultimately leads to conversions (which is how firms can measure campaign success) Not having a professional website, therefore, can discredit your firm and reduce your online conversions.

  • Not writing content that clients are interested in

Firms shouldn’t focus their efforts on writing content that only appeals to search engines. Instead, implement a content strategy that answers questions and addresses concerns clients typically have.

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