Five ways to improve your client service through social media

Social media has opened up a world of opportunity for firms, not just in terms of marketing and sales, but also for improving their client service.

While many firms view social media simply as another channel to advertise and promote their services, many platforms offer much more than just a sales opportunity.

Social media can help connect firms with their clients in a more sincere and intimate way than ever before. But this has drawbacks; providing client service online in a public environment that other users have access to is like walking a fine line. The consequences of your firm performing poorly or making a mistake can be devastating.

But delivering excellent client service almost always leads to greater client loyalty and more sales. So here are five best practices that can help improve your firm’s client service skills using social media.

Blog about your services
Firms should always keep their blog updated with content that is relevant to clients. After you resolve a client issue or enquiry, write a blog post about it. Answering FAQ means you can share client service stories with followers without putting them in the middle of the complaint and resolution process. Your firm may also avoid further complaints by addressing issues before clients need to make contact.

Learn from repeat issues
Keep a list of the questions that arise to see if you can identify any patterns and reasons for the issue. Repeated problems should be added to your firm’s FAQ page, so clients know what to do before contacting your firm.

Respond ASAP
Today’s clients expect quick replies on social media. Only checking for issues or complaints once a week and responding days later simply does not cut it anymore. Firms need to respond within 24 hours or a few hours if at all possible. Try to take this quick response approach to improve your real-world client service as well.

Encourage and ask for feedback
Firms that don’t ask for feedback risk giving clients the wrong impression; some may interpret this as the firm not caring what clients think or want. Regularly posting comments or posts asking for feedback on social media is a great way firms can gain insights into improving their products and services.

Don’t forget to be social
Never forget that the number one rule on social media is to be social. Social media channels will only ever be helpful to firms as long as firms stay social and continue to engage with others.

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