Getting the most out of your surveys

Conducting a survey is one of the best ways a firm can collect meaningful data from clients. When carried out properly, surveys can provide firms with the kind of information needed to improve a firm’s services, products and interaction with clients.

But when they are poorly organised, firm surveys can be a frustrating experience for clients to finish, and often result in the creation of useless data. These surveys primarily focus on the need for answers, not on the kind of experience created for clients.

Below are four simple tips firms can use when creating their surveys to create a positive experience for clients as well as collect the information they specifically want.

  • Give a reason for the client to participate

When a firm requests that their clients complete a survey, they are ultimately asking clients to dedicate a segment of their time to help out. Firms should include a strong reason why clients should do this. If the survey is to improve a firm’s client service, make sure to include that in the introduction. Showing people how completing the survey will improve their interaction with a firm may make them feel more inclined to participate.

  • Set strong expectations

Tell clients exactly how long the survey will take them. This can help clients avoid rushing through or abandoning the survey because of time constraints.

  • Talk specifically to your clients

Do not include any accounting or financial jargon in the survey. This will only confuse clients. Use language that clients can easily understand and use in everyday conversation. The survey language should be engaging and prompt participants all the way to the end of the survey.

  • Take the survey yourself

When you have finished writing your survey, have a break, then come back and have a go at completing it yourself. This allows firms to check whether they have provided a good enough reason for why someone should take the survey, whether it is realistically able to be completed from start to finish, and if all questions are absolutely relevant to survey objectives.

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