Hiring a marketing director

Marketing is an essential business function that needs to permeate all aspects of an accounting firm. It is a process: a series of steps and activities, a journey rather than a destination.

An increasing number of firms are hiring a marketing director and recognising the need to commit to and “armour” the marketing function to ensure that there is a total ongoing commitment.

If you are planning to appoint a marketing director you must be prepared to:

  • Make the financial commitment not just by way of salary but also the attributable revenue budget that will go with the appointment.
  • Allow the new marketing director the full control and responsibility for marketing.
  • Celebrate, applaud and recognise the authority of the marketing director – make sure they have your full support.
  • Make sure your marketing director is involved in the budget program and planning processes.

And avoid these common pitfalls:

  • A lack of recognition of the marketing director’s importance and consequently a lack of support for him/her.
  • A lack of adequate authority, knowledge and administrative support. Make sure that the marketing director understands the mindset of those in the accounting industry.
  • Isolation: Make sure the marketing director is not left stranded on his/her own.
  • Impatience: It is essential to make a long term commitment to the marketing director’s role – success will rarely be instant. For this reason the marketing director should be encouraged to engage in self-evaluation.

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