How clients choose accountants

Most prospects find it difficult to evaluate an accounting firm. They understand little or nothing about the accounting process itself and so do not feel they can evaluate a firm simply by asking the right questions.

Because of this, many clients may look to use external measures to evaluate an accounting firm and the services they offer. These external measures may include:

With so much at stake and so little to go on, prospective clients tend to rely heavily on the advice of a trusted third party. In other words, they rely on professional and business references. They trust the recommendations of professionals such as bankers and lawyers about the quality of your work, and they trust the views of other business owners who use your firm about the quality of your service.

Following others
Prospects may choose to simply follow what others are doing. If a prospect knows people who are already clients of a particular firm, then he or she may simply follow in their footsteps and join the same firm. Firms with a large following and an excellent reputation, are more likely to gain these kinds of clients.

Visual cues
When presented thoughtfully, visual cues can be invaluable tools to promote a firm’s brand and reputation. Visual cues include logos, websites, signs, pamphlets, newsletters or email newsletters. High-quality and visually appealing visual cues add to a firm’s credibility, and can leave prospective clients with a positive perception of the firm’s services.

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