How social media is affecting your SEO

Changes to Google will mean that firms who are active on social media have a better chance of increasing their SEO ranking. This is due to Google’s algorithms now including social signals as indicators in search rankings.

Another factor is that SEO strategies and those using social media have the same goal: to produce the most relevant content for their audiences. This can be seen through ‘tweeting’ on Twitter, social sharing and social media influences.

Search engines like Google now use the social media platform Twitter to discover new content. By taking into consideration how many people tweet specific content and the time frame of when content was shared, Google can stay up to date with new trends and information, and save time usually spent trawling the internet for relevant content.

Sharing content on social media is also like link building. Because it’s easy to manipulate backlinking to a website, Google now looks into social signals like Tweets and Facebook posts as a non-manipulated way of getting links. So the more relevant and accurate links companies and firms share on Facebook, the more likely their presence will be ranked higher by Google.

Google not only ranks websites higher or lower based on whether they are a credible source or not. Google also now considers a company or firm’s social media influence, and the way this is determined is based on factors such as their relevance, reach and resonance on social media platforms.

When working in sync with each other, social media and SEO can help to acquire online clients and increase website traffic.

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