How to avoid ending up in your client’s junk folder

Email newsletters are a great way to spread the word about your firm, increase revenue, drive more traffic to your website and even increase the number of people who sign up to your firm’s mailing list.

But sometimes an email newsletter won’t get through to a client’s or prospective client’s inbox. Or sometimes it will get to the inbox, but sent straight to the junk folder by the receiver. So how can you avoid having your email newsletters being marked as junk mail? Here are some tips:

  • Include relevant information

Providing readers with pertinent information is essential to convince people into giving your firm a second look. Including information that inspires people will make them pay attention to your firm and will give your brand some extra attention.

  • Provide an incentive

Incentives usually work as they make the receiver want to respond to your message. Consider providing a limited time promotion or service in your email.

  • Personalise the email

Most readers will pay extra attention when they see their name in an email. Include your client’s or prospect’s name within the content of your firm’s email. You can take this a step further if you have information on their relationship with your firm, as you can also include a specific promotion or service that they may be interested in investing in again.

  • Target your audience

An effective email campaign has a clear target audience. Spend time finding clients and people in your niche market instead of sending out a mass email to everyone.

  • Convey authority

While you shouldn’t gloat about your firm in an email, using your accomplishments, and therefore the authority that comes with those accomplishments can be effective in opening up a line of communication. Humans naturally gravitate towards authoritative figures.

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