How to avoid running out of blog post ideas

A problem facing many accountants and financial planners who have chosen to embark on an online marketing strategy is coming up with ideas to blog about on a regular basis.

The ability to generate content consistently can be overwhelming, especially for those in the corporate world who also have to deal with the daily ins and outs of running a successful accounting firm.

However, successful blogs depend on the blogger consistently publishing and sharing fresh, new content that is relevant and engaging to readers. Here are three ways accountants can come up with more ideas, more quickly to share on their blogs:

Read what other people are publishing

Have a look at what other accounting firms are blogging about and what news sources and other online publications are publishing to their websites. This can give you an idea of topics, trends and issues in the industry that are quite popular and relevant to readers that you can also blog about. Accountants can then base their blog post on the latest topic or trend and add their own perspective to it or translate the information in such a way that would make it easy for their audience to understand.

Check social media

Accountants who stay on top of their social media feed can see what followers, customers and other users are discussing. See if there are questions that are being frequently asked or concerns commonly expressed that you could address or answer in a blog post.

Use old content

Don’t be afraid to reuse old content if it is still relevant in the future. Often, an accountant may have addressed a topic already i.e. salary-sacrificing arrangements, but if new legislation, strategies or rules are introduced, the topic can be addressed again with a different angle or it can even be expanded upon. Have a look through previous posts to find blog posts on topics that could revisited, reconstructed and republished.

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