How to blog better in less time

Blogging is one of the best ways accountants can improve their website’s SEO rankings, increase traffic to their website and regularly share high-quality content on social media.

However, the above results can only be achieved if accountants post content to their blog on a regular basis. While the idea of blogging regularly can seem daunting to the time-poor accountant, there are ways they can speed up the process and still see the same results.

  • Read other blogs

If time spent brainstorming or researching ideas is taking up too much time, have a look at what other industry professionals or your competitors are writing about. This can help accountants see what topics or subjects resonate with their target audience, and also help find new ideas or material that can be built on.

  • Write about what you know

Rather than wasting time researching a topic or subject that you don’t know much about, focus on your professional expertise to provide clients with information they can use. Sometimes the things that seem simple to you are far more interesting and valuable to those looking for more information on that subject.

  • Keep yourself accountable

When you have a firm to run and clients to attend to, ensuring that your firm’s blog is consistently updated doesn’t usually find its way to the top of an accountant’s to-do list. Nevertheless, maintaining a consistent blogging schedule is key to a firm’s online marketing strategy. Share your blogging deadlines with colleagues who can help contribute to the blog or edit posts when you don’t have time.

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