How to engage your audience on social media

Social media has become an effective online marketing tool that can increase exposure to a firm’s brand.

However, this kind of exposure only happens if firms have the ability to engage with their social media audience i.e. convince users to like, share, comment, tweet or retweet firm content.

Here are three ways firms can improve their online engagement with followers and therefore grow their audience on social media.

Ask users to engage with your firm
As simple as it may sound, asking followers to engage can often pay off. But don’t just ask users to re-share or comment on your firm’s post; give them a reason to doing so. By providing them with a benefit for engaging with your firm, followers are much more likely to do so.

Respond quickly to user activity
Keep track of when a user comments or shares on your firm’s social media posts or profile so you can respond quickly. Facebook businesses that don’t respond quickly or at all appear inactive and can come across as simply not caring about their audience. This can hurt a firm’s online reputation and engagement levels as it will deter people from engaging with your firm online in the future. Make sure your firm responds to every interaction a potential client has with your social media page.

Use a conversational tone
Social media platforms were designed to be social. While firms still need to maintain a level of professionalism, make sure you come across as a firm that knows how to interact socially with its followers and clients. For example, include user names when responding to comments and write to people in the same way you would converse with them face-to-face. This will help make your firm more relatable and likeable.

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