How to make your emails more persuasive

Successful firm marketing is all about communication. Closing a sale, providing valuable content and explaining your firm’s services (just to name a few) all rely on the accountant’s ability to express themselves clearly and persuasively.

When it comes to communicating via email marketing, firms only have a small, brief window to capture reader attention and convince clients to move closer to a call to action or make a purchase.

Below are several writing techniques accountants should use in their email marketing campaigns to ensure their emails have the greatest effect on readers.

  • Include a small ask

Including a small ask is like your firm’s proverbial foot in the door, Once someone has said ‘yes’ to a small ask, they are more likely to agree to future requests. Simply include a question in your email that recipients are unlikely to say no to.

  • Include a headshot

When people make eye contact with others, they feel a subconscious sense of connection. Since it can be easy for readers to forget that there’s a person on the other end of the email, including a small headshot of yourself in the email is a subtle way to remind readers that their accountant is human too.

  • Agitate and solve the problem

Sometimes clients are already aware of a problem they have, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re prepared to address it. To convince them that your firm can help, accountants should try to talk about the problem in emotional terms, then suggest a solution to demonstrate how the firm can help. Accountants should never attempt to over exaggerate a problem or create one out of thin air. Use the agitate-and-solve technique when it becomes apparent that the client hasn’t fully imagined the cost of inaction.

  • Include a reason

Giving readers a reason makes it much more likely they’ll do what you ask. However, accountants shouldn’t just make up random excuses to get prospects in; focus on providing a simple explanation “I’d like to set up a meeting with you because I can help with X strategy”, as this could pay huge returns.

  • Remind readers that it is their choice

Nobody likes being told what to do. Even if an accountant’s approach isn’t pushy or aggressive, some readers may still be turned off at the suggestion that you know what’s best for them. Including a reminder or simple reassurance that you’re not attempting to force them into anything is a powerful technique.

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