How to write a compelling marketing email

No matter how eye-catching, colourful or unique an accounting firm’s email newsletters or campaigns look, if they lack well-written, high-quality and relevant content, subscribers (clients and potential clients) will stop opening and start deleting and unsubscribing to the messages.

Plain-text emails that are well-written have the power to perform just as well as highly designed emails, decorated with photos and links.

For accountants struggling to write an engaging email, it is best to break it down to a few writing practices that can be applied to both the subject line of an email and the email’s main message.

  • Use actionable language

Incorporating verbs like ‘take’, ‘ask’ and ‘buy’ in an email lets readers know exactly what they can do in the email. Accountants should use language that makes it clear to readers what they can do with the information in the email if they open it.

  • Personalise the content

Segmented emails tend to have higher performance levels than emails that aren’t personalised. The more segmented an email list, the better accountants can personalise the subject line and provide relevant content to a large number of email recipients.

  • Deliver on what the subject line offers

Emails must also deliver on the subject line’s promises. When a firm’s readers don’t get what they were promised in the subject line, the firm’s email click-through rates will fall.

  • Be brief

One of the worst mistakes an accountant can make in an email is squeezing in as much information as possible into the email message. Readers are more likely to scan emails for important points to glean the overall message and decide whether they want to take any action.

Sending an email with hundreds of words of copy makes it more difficult for readers to decide whether they want to click through for more. Accountants should try to summarise their content in a compelling way and provide readers with the option to click through to their website for more information.

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