Improve your blog with a writing checklist

Blogging is an essential feature of many firms’ digital marketing strategy. It can be an effective way to demonstrate expertise and interact with clients on a regular basis.

However, blogging is not always a straightforward task – the content may come easy but it’s the little details that can set share-worthy and sloppy blog posts apart.

Using a writing checklist is a great way to ensure your blog posts are consistent in quality, style and tone. Here are five things to consider before publishing each blog post:

– Check the category

Before publishing a blog post, be sure to choose an appropriate category as it will assist readers searching for specific content on your blog and, therefore, improve user experience.

– Include appropriate keywords

Ensure to include your primary keyword and keyword phrases where it fits naturally throughout your content. Incorporate variations of your primary keyword as well, such as synonyms Google associates with your primary keyword.

– Use an appealing headline and hook

The headline and first paragraphs of your post should be catchy and instantly appeal to the reader. If the headline is not relevant or interesting it won’t convert to a click. Make sure your headline is short but meaningful and makes use of emotional words and benefit statements.

– Double-check spelling and grammar

Spelling and grammar mistakes are not only unprofessional but they can be a surefire way to lose blog subscribers too. Be sure to proofread posts and get at least one other person to check for typos, grammar mistakes and consistent tone.

– Use links and meta tags

Adding relevant and reputable external links can add value to the reader and help build your online reputation. Internal links are important too, consider adding 2-3 links to relevant pages on your site. Check meta tags are present in the title, description, keywords and alt-tag for images.

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