Improving your firm’s image

Consider improving your firm’s image in the following areas:

A firm’s premises should be maintained in good order and be of smart appearance. The reception area is an asset in that this is the first place clients see and it should be kept in good order, of smart appearance and at all times tidy. Interview and meeting rooms should be well lit and tidy with adequate seating. Consider giving these rooms strong, motivational titles eg. Communication Room, Decision Room etc.

These are the accounts, returns and reports prepared for clients. It is important for firms to have a policy of ensuring that these are presented in a high quality format with the firm’s logo. These can be further improved by having accounts stationery printed with the firm’s logo on the bottom right hand corner or a 5-10% watermark in the middle of the page.

These include:

  • Stationery
  • Business cards
  • Firm brochure
  • Tax cards
  • Client newsletter
  • Budget report

It is important that all clients who call the office should gain an impression of the quality of the firm’s service. Calls should be answered within three rings and all those responsible for answering the phone should adhere to the firm’s telephone management policy.

Staff should be required to adhere to the firm’s dress code. Brief cases should be high quality and used for carrying papers.

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