Increasing organic reach on social media

Amping up your organic reach on social media does not have to be difficult or complex.

Although organic reach has significantly declined over the years, sustaining social traffic is still possible and just requires some good search and content practices. Here are three ways to improve your business’ organic reach:

Keyword research
Explore both broad and specific terms that your target market are looking for in your industry. When you discover what keywords are driving traffic to your content from search, make sure to include them throughout your posts.

Monitor competitors keywords
Not only is it useful to know what keywords your business is searching well from, it’s good to see what keywords are helping out your competition. Monitoring social media engagement and conversations is helpful for this. Look beyond the obvious competitors to other brands that may offer adjacent products that are taking traffic for your keywords.

Vary content types for each platform
Consider creating content in multiple formats for a trending keyword or topic and mixing up which content is shared on each channel. Creating a variety of content formats such as blog posts, videos, images, webinars etc. will help engage with your existing audiences while attracting new targets.

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