LinkedIn Showcase Pages

LinkedIn’s ‘Showcase Pages’ are designed to help firms and other businesses build audience engagement around the different products and services they offer.

Showcase Pages were introduced when LinkedIn removed the ‘products and services’ tab on company pages. Now, Showcase Pages are the only option for firms wanting to display their products and services on the LinkedIn platform.

And while the Showcase Page feature can be beneficial for businesses with an established product line, just because the feature is available doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the right fit for your firm.

Here are some of the benefits and problems of the feature to help your firm decide whether you should use it for your company page.


  • Showcase Pages are extensions of your Company Page

If your firm has multiple services, each with their own unique customer segment, then Showcase Pages allow you to separate your communication for each audience without cluttering up a single Company Page. At the same time, your clients will visibly see the link between the service they use and your firm’s company as a whole, allowing them to explore other services your firm has to offer.

  • Showcase Pages have some similar features to a Company Page

You can post updates, feature LinkedIn groups connected to your service, and see detailed analytics on your updates. Unlike a Company Page, firms cannot add any “specialties” of your service, or allow team members to connect their personal LinkedIn profiles to a showcase page.

  • You can engage with specific customer segments

If you have clearly defined target audiences or are trying to encourage particular client behavior, the ability to segment users and the messaging your firm delivers to them on LinkedIn can be a big help.


  • No more user recommendations

A benefit of the products and services tab on a firm’s Company Page was that LinkedIn users could “recommend” the firm’s service. User-generated content like that is gold for marketing your firm online, as it can increase your firm’s credibility and demonstrate that your firm isn’t the only one who thinks highly of your services.

  • Starting from the beginning, again

Another obstacle with creating a Showcase Page for your firm’s service is the one you had when you first started your Company Page—you have no followers. This is particularly problematic for small firms who are already strapped for time and resources.

  • Reconfiguring your content strategy

Creating Showcase Pages creates the need to reconfigure a firm’s online content strategy. If a firm was regularly posting updates on their Company Page to an engaged audience, it would now have to consider what that looks like going forward. Having multiple Showcase Pages means there are now more channels that require their own messaging.

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