Maintaining client relationships

Communication is often said to be the key to forging strong client relationships. However, for many small firms it can be difficult to maintain regular communication with clients in order to build these kind of relationships, for reasons such as too few employees, too little time, or having insufficient funds available. This is where investing in an e-newsletter may come in handy.

Email newsletters are one of the easiest ways to connect with clients, build and maintain valued relationships and attract new clients. They provide regular contact with clients through the sharing of relevant news and information, and give professional firms the opportunity to keep clients informed of all that is happening with their company.

The consistent offering of information gains attention from clients, and may influence them to turn to you first when they are in need of something. The newsletters can be distributed through client mailing lists or groups, which means firms no longer have to waste time manually contacting with clients.

Email newsletters serve to foster the trust needed in client relationships, for they keep your clients’ best interests at heart by demonstrating your firm’s expertise in the industry by sharing help and advice articles.

One of the best kind of relationships that can be forged between firms and clients is one that has regular two-way engagement. This can be done through the client surveys that are included in email newsletters. By making it clear to clients that your firm values their feedback and opinions, a relationship based on mutual understanding and respect for one another can be achieved.

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