Make sure your emails reach your audience

You’ve just put the finishing touches on an email marketing campaign and it looks great. You’re confident it’s going to reinforce to your clients why they’ve made the right decision to stay with your firm, and, with a bit of luck, it may even convince some prospective clients to hop on board too!

However, this brilliant email marketing campaign will undoubtedly fail miserably if the emails sent out are caught in client’s spam filters.

Email deliverability is a particularly hard challenge to overcome for small businesses. This is because most email marketing campaigns are automatically sent out to corporate domains, rather than freemail accounts such as or Gmail. Emails can get caught in multiple places such as gateway filters, email server filters and even desktop filters, and will be branded as spam or junk mail.

This is why the deliverability feature is included in our Announce application, which ensures your emails have the greatest chance of reaching your client’s inboxes. When using Announce, before your campaign is sent out to clients, emails are automatically checked and validated. The process includes checking aspects such as words, phrases, formatting, size and links to ensure that email campaigns meet the requirements to pass most popular spam filters.

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