Marketing ideas for small firms

Small firms are truly limited. Marketing in a one-partner firm will be done by that one person. However, implementing the following ideas may develop more business.

Your marketing power is in your backyard
Most small firms don’t realise that their marketing power is right in their own backyard; existing client relationships. The more client-oriented you can be the more successful your practice will become. Client-oriented means that you always help your clients satisfy their needs, whatever they may be. This may not always translate into an immediate sale, but the more you help clients the more they will call upon you for advice.

A quick course in selling
People buy benefits. So don’t try to sell features. Features are not the reasons why clients will buy from you and not one of your competitors. A benefit is what someone receives from using your service. If you can’t clearly articulate the benefits for the prospect, you will have a difficult time getting the prospect to say yes.

Niches are everywhere
Accountants need to make sure that there is something that sets their firm apart from the masses. You can’t be everything to everyone, so don’t try. You need to develop a niche, otherwise you will find yourself competing on price and providing what amounts to a generic product. Niches require you to become a real expert in the niche.

Develop your personal franchise
Most accountants don’t develop their own personal franchise. The two key ways of doing this are writing and speaking. Giving talks and presenting seminars are ideal ways to develop your personal franchise.

Take a careful look at your office
Successful practices have offices that say, “Welcome, we are proud of our office and what we do.” The décor is new and clean. The offices are orderly. The staff and partners are proud of their workspace and show it by keeping it clear and litter free. Clear, cheery offices will not only improve your clients’ feelings about the firm but also increase overall firm productivity.

Get a new look
Putting a professional photograph on your business card with a summary of your services turns your business card into a mini marketing brochure. Make sure you add your email address to the card since most clients will have access to email and will want to communicate with you through this vehicle. Changing your business card is an inexpensive way to change your look.

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