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Utilising social media within your firm can be a great way to put you in closer contact with your clients and enable you to reach new prospects. With so many social media channels currently available, it can be difficult to decide which will work best for your firm, and how to make the most of them.

Why you should use social media:
In a field that is traditionally acknowledged as quiet, reserved and structured, there are a number of advantages that social media can offer accountants. Most notably, they offer a form of marketing for your firm if handled well. It can be a way to put you in direct contact with your clients, giving you a direct, personal, two-way interaction.

Social networks also allow you to grow your business by making it easier to keep up with trends and developments in your sector. By doing this, it can help to differentiate your firm from the rest and position you as a leader in your area of expertise.

Deciding what networks to use:
Different social media channels have different demographics. From the perspective of your firm, there are a number of important ones to consider.

  • LinkedIn: This is a great platform to connect with other accounting and bookkeeping professionals and business people in general. LinkedIn allows professionals to share their experiences, skills, and areas of interest and helps you to connect with each other.
  • Twitter: This can be a useful tool to diversify your messages in short and show a more personal side to your firm. By using hashtags to give your tweets more exposure, condense your business information into brief, succinct messages of 140 characters.
  • Facebook: The largest social network that is used more by consumers than businesses, it can be a great content platform to share images, videos and links back to your website.
  • Blogs: This can be a great tool for building your brand as a place to share longer, more in-depth content relating to your client’s needs, and create a resource that will build trust for your business.

Building a strategy:
Once you have decided which networks will best help to grow your firm, the best results will be achieved through active involvement. Familiarise yourself with how the various networks operate and build a strategy that works for your firm and the needs of your clients.

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