Promoting marketing in a professional firm

Some firm professionals may find it difficult convincing other colleagues and staff members that setting up a marketing program is a worthwhile exercise. This may be because they do not believe that marketing is a priority. But widespread support within the firm is vital to a marketing program’s success. Below are several strategies designed to help firms energise marketing initiatives while overcoming any resistance within the firm.

  • Talk to the willing

Rather than waste time trying to drag unwilling professionals into marketing projects, spend time with willing participants. Talk to those who will give the topic a friendly reception and ignore the naysayers. With a little bit of luck, these individuals will stay in the background until your marketing program gets off the ground.

  • Broadcast successes

In any new endeavour such as introducing a marketing program, it’s natural for some people to ask, “Why do we need this?” or “What’s in it for me?” People are more likely to tolerate changes when they know that the initiatives are proving successful. Sell your marketing program within the firm by broadcasting your successes. Every professional firm’s internal newsletter or other communication medium should have a section devoted to trumpeting the successes achieved in the areas of marketing, client retention and client service.

These types of successes will help generate interest in the new marketing program. Highlighting the people and efforts behind these achievements may shift the naysayers over to the “yes” side of the ledger. For marketing to succeed, it needs a continual presence within the firm, in communications, on agendas, and underlying systems.

  • Be innovative

Finally, remind the naysayers that marketing is more than just designing new logos or putting your firm’s yellow page advertising in the right spot — it is really about generating new ideas, new initiatives and defining future opportunities and threats. By being innovative, you can help differentiate your firm from the competition. By focusing on identified opportunities and threats, your firm can take meaningful action to promote its long-term interests.

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