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A common struggle for accountants, and indeed, most online marketers is finding and producing content that will engage their target audience.

Most accountants work hard to publish informative and helpful content for their clients and online readers. However, this can sometimes be perceived as boring by some as it doesn’t make an emotional or social connection to the reader.

A solution to this kind of situation is social content; content which is a cross between social media and online content marketing.

The purpose of social content is to pull a target audience into the content creation process, making the content more personable and relatable to readers.

Here are three ways accountants can work more social content into their online posts:

  • Post client stories

Client stories can be engaging to readers, as gets them involved with your firm. Client stories share clients’ insights, feedback and emotion during their journey with your firm. Since they are focused on an individual, it emphasises a social connection.

To include these kinds of stories on your firm’s website or blog, ask clients to share their success with your firm. Flesh out stories and create regular posts that highlight the biggest achievements your clients have experienced with your firm.

  • Use blog comments to create social content

Blog comments from clients are a great source for sourcing ideas for blog posts that address topics of interest to readers. If your blog doesn’t receive many comments from clients, try posting questions to your firm’s social media channels on a particular topic, and compose a blog post based on the response received. These social content strategies involve a firm’s audience, and can help make it more likely to spark future engagement.

  • Include links to resources in your content

Publishing blog content that includes links to resources that support an accountant’s ideas can add authority make the blog a more trusted source of information. Content is much more impactful and resonates with audiences when it is supported by information from experts within the industry.

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