Quick and simple LinkedIn tips for accountants

If your firm is looking to promote your online content, LinkedIn is the place to be. With around 414 million users, it’s full of active working professionals, providing plenty of opportunities for your firm’s content to reach a wider audience.

However, it also means that it can be tough for small accounting firms to stand out in the crowded news feed.

Increasing reach and engagement on your firm’s LinkedIn page can take a lot of trial and error. For those looking to make an immediate impact on their performance, start with these three quick and easy tips.

Use large images
Using images on social media improves the effectiveness of social media posts, which is particularly the case on LinkedIn. Adding large images to posts (as opposed to using a link’s thumbnail image) can substantially improve a post’s performance.

Larger images draw more attention to the eye which is extremely beneficial when posting content on LinkedIn. This is probably because large images take up a lot of space on LinkedIn and colours tend to stand out against the grey-blue background.

Leverage group announcements
If your firm has its own group, be sure to use LinkedIn group announcements. Group announcements can be sent once a week to group members. If members have email notifications turned on, they will receive a notification in their inbox. The announcement will also appear in the group so all members are aware of and can join the conversation.

Involve your entire team
Social content promotion is a team effort, and LinkedIn is no exception. Sometimes a boost from a firm’s team is all their LinkedIn content needs to take off. For example, firms should communicate with their team when they need a social boost by sending out a regular email that includes click-to-share links so everyone can easily share the right content with the right messaging.

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