Quick SEO tips for accounting firms

Blogging is one of the best online marketing practices firms can use to improve their brand – but only if they do it right.

Giving out free information reels in clients, which is why blogging is one of the best ways accountants can market their firm. A blog provides accountants with a way of bombarding clients with a steady stream of content without scaring them away.

Today, businesses and companies with a blog typically receive more leads than those businesses and companies without a blog.

Clients will ignore advertisements, but a blog with free information is something they will want to read. Blogging can also create a human side to your firm and keep your firm in front of current and potential clients.

Here are three quick tips when blogging for SEO:

  • Tip 1. It is all about quality

Search engines are looking for blogs that convey authority and trust. They want to know a blog’s author knows what it is talking about and that online users agree.

When it comes to blog content, quality is better than quantity. While not every blog post an accountant may be sensational, every post does need to provide value to readers.

  • Tip 2. Keep it fresh and keep it coming

Search engines and readers love new content. Therefore, a firm’s blog content needs to be fresh; not stale or outdated. However, firms shouldn’t just churn out robotic or boring content. Make sure your firm switches it up every so often.

  • Tip 3. Commit to the long haul

Blogging won’t necessarily get your firm to the very top of Google’s search page overnight. Blogging is a long-term strategy. It will take time to build trust, value, and momentum to build quality relationships with both readers and online search engines.

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