Segment your way to success

Firms looking to improve their email marketing response rate should consider segmenting their audience list.

Segmenting is the process of dividing an audience list into subgroups. It allows firms to send specific or targeted emails to a specific group or targeted individuals who may be more responsive to firm messages.

Even firms with only a small list of email subscribers should start segmenting. Creating categories and sending subscribers targeted information can come in handy as a firm’s contact list grows.

Segmentation is useful for a number of reasons. It allows firms to hone in on their most active email readers. Segmenting lists for those who regularly open and click emails gives firms valuable information that can be used to improve email campaigns. It also allows firms to target potential clients for a specific product or service sale, and avoid annoying those who may have already purchased the special.

If readers are more interested in just one area of what a firm sells, segmenting them into a list means that they no longer have to unsubscribe due to off-topic emails.

Firms can begin capturing information that is needed for segmentation as soon as subscribers opt-in to their email subscriber list. Simply asking one or two specific questions when clients sign-up can help a firm establish what kind of information the subscribers are interested in.

Firms can also create a segment of their email list for clients who regularly engage with their emails by opening or clicking on an email and its links. Subscribers who are not as responsive could be put on a less frequent list, or one that firms can try out different subject lines with.

Firms who offer a number of different services may find it useful to segment their clients based on the type of content they interact with. An example of this would be an accounting firm sending out different emails to their business clients, and entirely different content to individual taxpaying clients.

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