Selling accounting services

Most accountants already have a certain level of sales ability. Their client portfolio is a testimony to that. Accountants will acquire different clients based on their sales ability, and they will lose others if their communication skills need improvement.

Accountants do not sell services; they provide solutions that clients want and need. However, without some level of selling ability, accountants may find themselves limited to the same type and number of clients in the future as they have today.

Selling accounting services may be easier than first assumed as accounting services are rarely purchased on impulse. Rather, the purchase is usually carefully considered over a few months.

The decision to buy and the decision what to buy are made separately, often with a long gap between them. This means an accountant has more time and more opportunities to influence the decision with marketing and sales strategies.

Some accountants may be more confident selling services than others. However, if those accountants with less confidence can identify and improve their weaknesses, they can become just as good at sales as others.

Having some form of sales ability is important for accountants so it can support their professional skills. If accountants believe they offer the best services in their area, then selling those services may just be in the best interest of the others.

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