Sharing content across social platforms

Social media can be a great way to market your firm and reach your clients. However, standing out online is not always an easy feat.

Crowded social platforms are making it increasingly difficult for firms to stand out from competition. Firms need to adapt their content to suit different social channels for maximum reach and engagement.

Here are three tips for firms to get the most out of each social media post:

Optimise for each social channel
Although posting the same message/image to multiple social sites seems like a time saver – it can render your efforts ineffective. Different social channels have different purposes, each with their own set of “rules” – so, what works for one channel might not for another. For instance, Instagram’s users are searching for visually appealing images while Facebook’s audience generally looks for content that is entertaining and can be shared. Your social media campaign can still be posted to each channel, however, it should be tweaked to suit the platform.

Focus on appealing headlines
Studies show people are more likely to read the headline than the actual copy itself. Headlines should be short and catchy and ideally incorporate direct action words. Well-written headlines clearly engage with your target audience and prompt them to seek more information. The best way to work out what headlines appeal to your target audience is by testing out different headlines and measuring levels of engagement for each post.

Experiment with timing and frequency
To get the most out of your social media efforts, it is best to experiment with different times and frequency to find your firm’s’ ideal schedule. Check which platforms and posts deliver the highest levels of engagement and discover the “peak” times to post. This may be different for each platform, so run a test on each individual platform and create a schedule around your findings. Your schedule will need to be reviewed from time to time, especially if you notice a drop in engagement or followers etc.

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