The advantages of meeting with clients

Clients are more prepared to pay for what they can see and hear compared to that which they do not. How much of the work that you do at your desk can be delegated?

You become a producer as well as a consumer of available chargeable time
When you remain at your desk to work, you consume part of the available backlog of chargeable hours that either yourself or another person has sold. When you work in the client’s office, you still consume the backlog of sold hours, but you also potentially produce additional backlogged hours for the firm’s chargeable hours volume. You have a much better chance of recognising additional service opportunities when you are in the field than when you work in your office.

Clients are usually partner-friendly
Research shows that clients cannot normally see as much of the partners as they want. They value your experience and ideas. They welcome the opportunity to discuss business problems with someone they regard as able to guide and advise them to keep their business on the right path. Clients appreciate a partner who is accessible, understands their business, is reliable, responsive and empathetic.

You communicate creatively and profitably
Clients require proactive advice delivered with conviction and insight that reaches the root of the needs of the business. Today, clients do not want to hear:

  • “Your sales went up/down last year”
  • “Your profitability has increased”
  • “Your tax liability has increased”

Technology has probably delivered this information to the client ahead of your presentation of financial statements. Today clients require advice on how to:

  • Improve operating margins or stock turnover
  • Reduce expenses
  • Maximise the return from expenditures, both capital and operating
  • Provide a financially secure retirement

Clients expect their accountant to bring something to the table that contributes to the improvement of the company and their personal financial picture.

An opportunity to request payment of an outstanding account
Clients are normally prepared to pay an outstanding account during a face-to-face meeting. The credit control systems adopted by some firms do not secure payment as effectively as the personal request of a partner.

An opportunity to help your clients with additional services
Every business has problems. Your role as a partner is to identify those services you can provide that will solve the problems of your clients.Your meeting time with clients is an opportunity to listen and understand where you can probably help. It is essential that clients see your services as meeting their needs and producing tangible benefits for them.

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