The benefits of blogging

Blogging is one of the most effective ways firms can reach their target audiences and position their brand, however, many fail to do so.

Regular blogging is a great way to reach new and existing customers, gather feedback and develop your brand’s personality. Using a blog as a key online marketing tool provides firms with the opportunity to increase leads and helps to achieve higher search result rankings.

Here are three top reasons why your firm should start blogging:

Highlights expertise

Staying at the forefront of the industry is crucial in this digital age. Not only does blogging help connect with your clients but it helps to build trust – a strong factor in a client’s purchasing behaviour. Regular blogging provides firms with the chance to showcase their knowledge and expertise in areas where their clients often have a lot of questions. As clients are likely to look online for a source of information; blogging shows your firm’s’ commitment to client service.

Builds a community of followers

A regular blog keeps your clients up-to-date with the latest news and advice in your industry. Blogging can provide both an informative and conversational purpose – reaching all audiences. Consistently exchanging information, solutions and reviews about your business and industry helps to grow a community of loyal followers and potential clients.

Develop relationships with other industry influencers

Blogging not only strengthens your perceived image among clients, it also impacts how other industry leaders view your brand. Regular blogging can position your firm as a leader in your field, providing more incentive for other influencers to collaborate with your firm. Some ways to strengthen your relationships with other industry leaders may include guest blogging on their sites, referencing their articles on your blog or even collaborating to produce new content together.

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