The importance of follow-up

Many accountants feel that a prospective client should be ready and able to sign with them after one meeting. In an ideal world, this would be the case, but in reality, it can take a number of meetings before a prospect feels ready to sign.

Here are some tips to help you through this period of ‘courtship’:

  • Demonstrate a sincere and personal interest in the prospect.

Ideally, you want the prospect to come to see you as a ‘partner’ in his or her business venture. Try to get the prospect to feel a special connection with you.

  • Learn something new about the prospect each time you meet him.

A relationship builds up gradually, but it should never feel as if it is standing still.

  • Bring something new to the table each time you meet the prospect.

There will be a trust hurdle early in the relationship. Your ability and willingness to impart helpful advice and find a new angle each time will do more than anything else to keep you in his favour.

  • Move forward – improve the relationship each time.

If a relationship is not moving forwards, it is probably moving backwards.

  • Get the prospect to make a decision – even if it is just a ‘decision to decide.’

He needs to take an active part in building the relationship. This is his contribution.

  • Make a bridge to the next contact.

Never leave a meeting without connecting to the next one.

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