The keyword challenge for accountants

The keywords chosen for your firm’s website are critical when trying to improve search engine ranking.

Keywords are an important aspect of SEO. However, because they are a homogenous group, those in the accounting and finance industries face a particularly tough challenge when it comes to SEO.

By offering similar services and products online, these firms typically share similar keywords.

Firms that want to stand out against the competition in an Internet search setting should use long tail keywords that are made up of 2 – 4 words. These long tail keywords should accurately describe exactly what the firm offers in everyday or colloquial language that people are most likely to use when searching online.

The reason why long tail keywords should not be any less that two words in length is because single-word terms are too broad, and won’t be touched by most SEOs.

They result in a broad list of products or websites that often have little to do with the term searched. By adding another word or two, the search is much more refined and targeted.

Search engines also often pay most attention to the first 200 words of a page, which is why keyword placement is so important. Firms should ensure they place all keywords appropriately near the beginning of their website or blog post.

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