Three appreciation emails your firm should send

Sending out a variety of genuine client appreciation emails can help boost a firm’s client retention rate. Good business for accounting firms is all about client retention, as future revenue is far more likely to come from existing clients than new ones.

An easy way to retain clients is to send out a client appreciation email. By doing so, firms not only remind clients about the great value they receive from the firm, but it also can make them feel appreciated and valued.

Using a variety of genuine client appreciation emails can help your firm thank particular clients for being part of your success, break up the routine of newsletters, event emails and offers, while also building a connection and trust with the client.

Here are three examples of appreciation emails every firm can send out during the year to convey their gratitude to clients:

  • An after purchase email

After a client has engaged with your services or purchased one of your products, send them an email thanking them and telling them how they’ve contributed to your firm’s business.

  • An ‘after referral’ email

Sending clients an email thanking them for sending a referral your way is a great way to stay in touch in a positive and appreciative way. Make clients feel even more special by adding in a discount or special offer to the email; this could also encourage clients to continue sending in referrals in the future.

  • Ask for feedback

There is no one better person to provide feedback to your firm about your client service than a valued client. Sending an email to clients that affirms that you’re asking for their opinion specifically because you value them as a client is an effective way for firms to show their appreciation. Soliciting honest feedback regularly also allows firms to keep their ‘finger on the pulse of clients’ needs and expectations.

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