Three types of social media content that will give your firm the greatest value

A core component of every successful social media strategy is the act of posting valuable content regularly. Valuable content creates results that every firm wants to see; engagement, virality, likes, shares, followers and more.

The question facing many firms, however, is what kind of content is considered valuable and will produce that sort of activity. Here are three types of content that have been proven to provide the most value to those firms on social media:

  • Infographics

Infographics have been found to be the most socially shared form of content. Infographics provide small, easy to read snippets of information in a graphics format, making complex information eye-catching and shareable. They are incredibly engaging for online readers since humans process visual information faster than words.

  • Content with images

Image-rich content is incredibly shareable. Humans love images, so when firms sprinkle their social media content with images, online eyes will gravitate towards the content. Keeping a steady output of image-rich content on social media platforms is a surefire way of increasing reader engagement.

  • Newsworthy content

While news articles usually receive more social shares than any other article type, it can be hard to share news as it happens if you’re not in the news industry. However, firms can get around this by publishing articles or information relating to anything new or changing in their industry or their clients’ industries. Example topics could be anything relating to the Australian tax system, superannuation industry, or business news and strategies.

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