Tips for a successful email marketing campaign

Email marketing should be part of every firm’s online marketing strategy. It is a valuable channel firms can utilise to reach, acquire and retain clients through the sharing of valuable information, news and advice.

Here are some top tips for making your email marketing campaigns as successful as possible:

  • Subject line

An email’s subject line is the first element of your email people see, and most of them will decide whether or not to open the email based on what it says. Effective subject lines are short and include words that make recipients want to click it. Make sure your subject line attracts the right attention so all that time spent writing your email pays off.

  • Include a call-to-action

Emails need a clear call-to-action so your readers know what action you want them to take. The call-to-action also needs to be short and easy for readers to do. Some examples include requests to answer a short questionnaire, sign an online form or liking/following your firm on Facebook.

  • Mobile-friendly

As the majority of emails are now read on mobile devices, it’s important that you make your emails as mobile-friendly as possible. When designing your email, consider how it will display on both a computer and and a mobile device. Keep your text short and sweet, consider only using one column and keep images small so they don’t take too long to load on a small screen.

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