Using a social media calendar

Sharing high-quality content across your firm’s social media channels is critical for firms if they are to engage their audience and attract new followers.

That is why one of the most important things firms need to do is to put some time aside to spend planning out a calendar of what they intend to share. Failing to have an adequate schedule in place for what a firm will post on social media could leave it scrambling for something to share every day.

Social calendars allow firms to plan out days, weeks and months of quality social posts ahead of time, which can save time in the future, making it a whole lot easier to find and share social content.

Sometimes it can be easy to churn out social posts quickly. However, more often than not, it can take firms more than just a couple of minutes to find something or create something that is worthy of being shared.

Planning social media posts in advance can ensure that your firm will always have quality content to share with your followers. Here is a three-step process for implementing and maintaining an efficient social media calendar:

Decide on how often to post
The frequency of a firm’s posting depends on a number of factors, such as the firm, its audience, the social media campaign and its goals and campaigns, as well as the social networks the firm plans to use. Firms need to realistically work out how often they will be able to post and who will be responsible for doing it.

Post frequency often depends on the amount and experience of the person responsible. However, always keep the audience in mind to ensure that you don’t end up bombarding them with content that is irrelevant or inappropriate.

Create or find great content to share
Once a firm has an idea of the kind of content they would like to share and how much they’ll need to satisfy the quantity of posts required, it is time to find the links to share or start creating the content to share.

Start filling in the social media calendar
Start filling in your firm calendar with links to relevant content, resources and your own posts. Think through when you will publish certain information; whether it is a product release, firm announcement or special deal, write content to promote those initiatives. Make sure you also plan out how much promotion each initiative will have; some large releases may have multiple social posts while other, smaller releases only warrant one.

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