Ways to fix your email marketing strategy

In today’s digital environment it is easy for your email marketing to get lost amongst the crowd.

Not all emails achieve the result they set out to – they are labelled as spam, unopened and in most cases will be deleted.

A business’ email marketing strategy needs to be relevant and interesting for customers to firstly open the email. Email open rates are great indicators of the quality of your mailing list, subject line, and time of sending. More so, click rates tell you how many people have opened your emails and registered at least one click.

Open and click rates are both good indicators of how your campaigns are being received. Strong click rates indicate the message content is relevant to subscribers that open the email; while strong open rates show your subject line resonates well with the mailing list.

Here are some quick tips your business can use to improve both open and click rates:

Consider frequency/timing

A rigid email schedule, such as sending a campaign out every Wednesday, may seem like a great idea but might not be the best for your intended end results. It is best to test what days provide higher engagement and align emails to real-time events, promotions, announcements and holidays.

The frequency of your email campaigns also has a large effect on your email performance. Sending too many emails is a sure way to lower levels of engagement, yet not sending enough can hinder your efforts. Set time to review your reports frequently to maximise your campaigns.

Segment your list

Segmentation helps to create stronger campaigns by matching relevance to different audiences. When creating a campaign think about who you want to target and what kind of information these subscribers will find most useful to them.

Subscribers who are continually receiving emails with no relevance to them will eventually stop opening them or unsubscribe. Consider segmenting your mailing lists based on factors such as subscriber interests, location or activity, i.e. you may separate sales reps from customers.

Ensure readability

Emails need to be able to be read on all platforms and devices, yet many senders overlook this. Not only should your email be mobile responsive, it should be easily readable. Ensure your subject line does not get cut-off, images do not look stretched and/or take too long to load and be sure to use an appropriate ratio of text and images.

It is worth testing your email content by using different versions of the content sent to a separate list of subscribers. Tracking the engagement of each campaign can provide insight into what strategies are working and which ones need improvement.

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