What does a business look for in an accounting firm?

Clients buy products and services because they meet their needs – not because the product is good or because the firm providing the service has a good reputation. The key to marketing, therefore, is understanding the needs of the clients and providing products and services that meet them.

Accountants can differentiate clients according to the levels of product or service they require. In each case the product or service meets one or more of the client’s needs:

The minimum product:
Here, the client receives and is generally satisfied with:

  • Availability for questions
  • Compliance services
  • Convenient location
  • Limited quality
  • Low fees

The quality product
Here, the client receives and is generally happy with:

  • Acceptable quality and attention
  • Communication and confidence
  • Financial problem solving ability
  • Follow-up and personal contact
  • Positive firm reputation
  • Recommendations
  • Value for fees and a wide range of services

The value added product
Here the client receives and is generally delighted with:

  • Contribution to profit
  • Future orientation
  • Innovation
  • Planning
  • New ideas and concepts to stimulate the client’s success
  • Problem-solving ability – both operational and managerial
  • Superior quality
  • Unique range of services

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