What impression does your reception area create?

Have you ever heard the expression “you never get a second chance at a first impression”? It may only take a quick glance, a lingering look or perhaps their overall experience in your reception area for your clients to form their underlying opinion of your services.

For some clients, the reception area may be the first element of your services that they experience, so it is essential that the state of the area successfully creates a favourable first impression in the minds of your visitors, in order to set the tone for the relationship that may follow.

As the saying goes, first impressions are almost impossible to revoke, so in order to make the first encounter you have with your clients as successful as possible, some reception characteristics you may want to consider include:

Does you reception have a high-quality look and feel?

Having to wait in an area that does not look or feel great is not be the best start to any new relationship, so making sure your reception area looks good and makes visitors feel comfortable can be very important. Maintaining a high-quality look and feel isn’t just about filling the area with expensive-looking furniture; it is also about taking the personal responsibility in ensuring that the reception is always clean and tidy, having chairs or lounges that are comfortable to sit in, hanging some good quality artwork or perhaps having pot plant in the area, are all ways to create a high-quality look and feel for clients.

The importance of a professional and friendly receptionist:

Making sure your clients feel welcome and comfortable in an environment they may have never set foot in before is the first step in establishing a good relationship. Maintaining a warm atmosphere by having your receptionist recognise the importance of giving each and every visitor a warm welcome, as well as a warm farewell, may be just what’s needed in convincing your client that you are the service they need and deserve.

Making sure there is an ample supply of your firm’s brochures, newsletters and/or advisory guides:

Your clients may come to you armed with questions about your services and exactly what you can do for them, so while they are waiting to see you, why not give them the opportunity to read into some further information which may answer many of their questions, or settle any doubts that may have previously had.

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